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At present, few foreigners come to Japan due to the corona-virus,
The 2021 Olympics will bring more foreign tourists!
Rather, the tourism industry is depressed because of the corona-virus, so I want many tourists to come to the Tokyo Olympics!

Japan is a good place!
The security is good, there are hot springs, and the food is delicious!

When foreigners come to Japan, I would like them to rent a car and extend their legs to the suburbs.
However, if you ride a car abroad, it is scary if you do not know the traffic rules of that country.

In this article, I will tell you the basic rules about traffic rules in Japan.

Japanese traffic rules

Japan is on the left

In Japan, cars drive on the left.
Please note that in the same Asia, China and Korea are on the right, but Japan is on the left.

Stop the red traffic light!

In Japan, stop at a red light.
According to traffic rules in the United States and South Korea, it is possible to make a right turn (a left turn in Japan) even at a red light,
In Japan, you cannot turn right at a red light.
Note that driving without knowing these rules is really dangerous.

Yellow traffic light

Do not proceed beyond the stop line.
However, if it is difficult to safely stop near the stop line, you may proceed.

Green light

You can pass through intersections, such as going straight.

Arrow signal

Only the direction of the arrow can proceed.

In this case, you can only turn right.

Traffic light installation location

Depending on the country, it may be installed before the intersection,
Japanese traffic lights are located on the “back” side of the intersection.
Therefore, please note that foreigners may overlook.

No car parking on the road

In some countries you can park on the road freely,
In Japan, cars must not be parked beside basic roads.
Use parking and parking lots to park your car.
The “P” mark is a landmark.
Please note that “月極駐車場-Tsukigimetyuusyajou”(Monthly Parking) can only be stopped for contract cars.

↓ It is a travel site that also has an English site.

Common signs

Stop sign

In the United States, Taiwan, Korea, etc., the stop sign is a hexagon,
but, in Japan, the pause is an inverted triangle. (There are many people who think this shape is unusual for overseas people.)
Check the signs in advance before driving.

One-way sign

Cars can only travel in the direction indicated by the arrow.
Note that there are many one-way streets in urban areas.
The distance may be short, but it may take some time to reach your destination.

Sign that vehicle entry is prohibited

This mark does not allow vehicles (automobiles, light vehicles, motorbikes) to enter.

No rotation

Cars cannot make U-turns (switch turns).

Protruding right side is prohibited for passing

This mark does not allow you to pass over the lane.

No parking

This mark mean”No parking”.
(The numbers at the top are time periods when parking and stopping are prohibited)

No stopping

This mark mean “No stopping”.
(It is possible to stop loading or unloading luggage within 5 minutes, stop for people to ride, stop driving, etc.)

Parking should be stopped for more than 5 minutes by loading / unloading luggage or waiting for people.
In this case, it is also defined that the driver is away and cannot drive immediately.
※ Stopping
Stopping a car other than parking.
It is the opposite of parking, so you can stop immediately if you can depart immediately within 5 minutes.

↓ It is a travel site that also has an English site


Various lanes

White broken line

Can extend
Overtaking is also possible
Lane changeable

White solid line

Do not protrude
If you do not protrude, you can overtake
Lane changeable

However, please note that lane changes are prohibited in the following sections
Intersections other than priority roads, railroad crossings, pedestrian crossings and bicycle crossing belts, and within 30 meters in front of them

Yellow solid line

Protruding right side is prohibited for overtaking
No overtaking (for narrow roads that cannot be overtaken without protruding)
Do not change lanes

White broken line and solid yellow line

From the white dashed line, it is OK to change lanes,
You cannot change lanes from the solid yellow line.

* Lanes can be changed in the direction of the arrow.


When traveling abroad, you need to know the rules of the country,
Riding in a car increases the range of activity, so the fun of traveling increases.
Enjoy your trip with safe driving!

I visited Italy on my honeymoon and since then I have come to know the charms of overseas.
I practice English conversation for overseas travel!
I started blogging because I wanted to tell Foreigners who are visiting Japan about the appeal of Japan!
If I'm wrong in English, I would be glad for you to teach me.

↓ It is a travel site that also has an English site.